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Projects and Products - A  


On process technologies:

Acronym Description
actiF ObjectiF's Process Model
ADELE Suport for Software Development Process
ALF A Framework for Building PSEE
AMI Quality driven meta process
APEL Abstract Process Engine Language
APPL/A A Language for Software-Process Programming
AQAP-150 NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Software Development
Arcadia Tools and techniques to improve the software engineering process
Articulator A Knowledge-Based Environment for Modeling and Simulating Software Engineering Processes
Atlantis Componentization of workflow modeling and execution systems

On formal methods:

Acronym Description
ACL2 A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp
ACSR Algebra of Communicating Shared Resources
Action Semantics Framework for specifying formal semantics of programming languages
ADL Algebraic Design Language
ADL Assertion Definition Language
Argos An imperative synchronous language with verification support
ASM Abstract State Machine
Autofocus For specifying distributed systems


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