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On process technologies:

Acronym Description
PADM Process Modelling System
PARADIGM PARallelism, its Analysis, Design and Implementation by a General Method
PBM Project Bridge Modeler
PE/Process Library Process Library
PE/Activity Manager Activity Manager
PE/Deliverables Manager Deliverables Manager
PE/Process Manager Process Manager
PE/Project Manager Project Manager
PE/Web Publisher Web Publisher
PEACE Goal-Oriented Logic-Based Formalism for Process Modelling
PERFECT Measurement-Based Improvement of Software Processes
PICO Process Improvement Combined apprOach
PIE Process Improvement Experiments
PIE Process Instance Evolution
PRINCE CCTA's project management method
PRISM Process Oriented Environment
ProcePT Specification, testing, and execution of process models
Process WEAVER Process Support to UNIX
ProcessWeb Process Support for the World Wide Web
ProcessWise Integrator Process modelling workbench
PROFES PROduct Focused improvement of embedded Software processes
Project Designer Project Designer
PROMISE Business Process Re-engineering with Object-Oriented Methodology for Information System Engineering
PROMOTER Process Modelling Techniques
PSP Personal Software Process

On formal methods:

Acronym Description
PARAGON Visual specification and verification of real-time systems
PBM Project Bridge Modeler
Petri Nets Formal graphical notation for modelling systems with concurrency
Pi-calculus A calculus for mobile processes
Pobl Development method for concurrent object-based programs
ProofPower Development and checking of specifications and formal proofs in Higher Order Logic and/or Z.
PVS Prototype Verification System


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