CIP - Communicating Interacting Processes  

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    CIP - Communicating Interacting Processes



    Model-based Construction of Embedded Real-Time Systems Working with the CIP method (Communicating Interacting Processes) the behaviour of embedded systems is modelled by means of cooperating state machines. With CIP Tool(r) you create, compose and connect these components in a flexible way. The development process of the CIP method starts with a behavioural interface model and postpones the construction of functions. Processes that capture the behaviour of the system environment come first. In a second phase control processes are developed which interact with the established interface processes. CIP models are automatically transformed into executable software components, each one consisting of a CIP machine and a CIP shell. The generated ANSI C Code uses standard library calls only and is thus independent of any environment or operating system. The same code is used in system animations, for simulation and on the target system.

    CIP is a formal model-based development method for embedded real-time systems; examples include industrial production processes, flexible manufacturing, highly automated devices and communication networks. Model-based methods rely on complete mathematical models. This stays in contrast to semiformal modelling techniques like Structured Analysis or the object-oriented UML approach, where high level models have to be completed by programming. The CIP method supports the component-oriented paradigm of system construction: After identifying the nature of the problems to be solved, the solution of each problem is developed with suitable methods and tools. CIP components can easily be integrated with other software components, independently of the applied programming paradigm (structured or object-oriented).


    /Fierz, 1999/ The CIP Method: Component- and Model-Based Construction of Embedded Systems

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