GIPSY - Generating Integrated Process Support SYstems  

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    GIPSY - Generating Integrated Process Support SYstems



    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH


    The goals of the GIPSY (Generating Integrated Process Support SYstems) project include: Implementation of a generator that synthezises a PSEE tool component from a formal tool specification Definition of an operational notation to specify software processes. The process engine enables the distributed enactment of a software process by interpreting its specification Implementation of a PSEE kernel providing integration services which are independent of a concrete software process (e.g. process definition and enactment, data integration, repository, configuration management, messaging, and other services)
    * There are no more activities in the project (15.Jan.2002)*


    /Murer, 1997a/ The Challenge of the Global Software Process
    /Murer, 1997b/ Structural Unity of Product, Process and Organization Form in the GIPSY Process Support Framework

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