ISO 12207 - Information Technology - Software life cycle processes  

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    ISO 12207 - Information Technology - Software life cycle processes


    ISO - International Organization for Standardization

    Homepage at SEPT


    The international standard ISO 12207 is a globally accepted standard for software lifecycle processes. Though not suited for the direct application in a concrete project, it offers a frame that national standards or corresponding process details to be integrated in order to achieve a standard that can be used in an actual case. Furthermore, the ISO 12207 standard includes definitions that can be applied as a basis for a common terminology, even in national standards.

    At the present (Oct/2000), this standard cannot be accessed online. Meanwhile it is only possible to access its publication information at the ISO catalogue. However, some other ISO standards are available as electronic products at the local ISO member.

    IEEE/EIA 12207.1-1997 is an industry Implementation of ISO/IEC 12207:1995 - Standard for Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes - Life Cycle Data. Its PDF file can be ordered by:
    IEEE On-Line Catalog
    Techstreet On-Line Catalog


    /Demirors, 2000/ Tailoring ISO/IEC 12207 for Instructional Software Development

    /Polo, 1999/ Using The ISO/IEC 12207 Tailoring Process For Defining a Maintenance Process

    /ISO 12207, 1995/ Information Technology - Software life cycle processes

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