ISO 15288 - Life Cycle Management — System Life Cycle Processes  


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    ISO 15288 - Life Cycle Management — System Life Cycle Processes


    ISO - International Organization for Standardization



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    ISO/IEC 15288-System Life Cycle Processes is the first ISO standard to deal with system life-cycle processes; hardware, software and human interfaces. This ISO/IEC standard was published in October 2002.

    The framework of this standard encompasses the life cycle of man-made systems, spanning the conception of the ideas through to the retirement of the system. It provides the processes for acquiring and supplying system products and services that are configured from one or more of the following types of system components: hardware, software, and human interfaces. This framework also provides for the assessment and improvement of the project life cycle.

    The processes in this international standard form a comprehensive set from which an organization may construct life cycle models appropriate to the product, service types, and markets in which they trade. An organization, depending upon its purpose, may select and apply an appropriate subset to fulfill that purpose.

    This international standard may be used in several ways. An organization might use the standard to establish an environment of desired processes that can be supported by an infrastructure of trained personnel, utilizing specific methods, procedures, techniques and tools. This environment would be employed by the organization to manage its projects and to facilitate progress through the life cycle stages.

    A project, within an organization, might use this standard to select, structure, employ and perform the elements of the established environment to provide products and services. The standard may also be used, via contract or agreement within the supplier/acquirer relationship, to select, agree on, and perform the processes and activities called out in the standard. Additionally, this mode may also be used to assess conformance of the acquirer's and supplier’s performances with the agreement.


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    ISO 15288 - Life Cycle Management — System Life Cycle Processes establishes a common framework for describing the life cycle of systems and a complete set of well-defined processes and associated terminology. The emerging standard provides for the definition, control and improvement of the life cycle processes used within an organization or a project. An acquirer organization and a supplier organization may use this framework for acquiring and supplying systems products and services.

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