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    MILOS - ModelIng Language and Operation Support for software processes
    (Minimally Invasive Long-term Organisational Support)



    The MILOS project aims at providing a support system for distributed software engineering. This support will include mechanisms to model and plan software development processes, as well as an enactment machine, that co-ordinates the execution of a software development process. Our approach allows for dynamic model and plan changes during project enactment, and provides a notification mechanism which tracks product changes during project enactment and informs the concerned people of the change. This mechanism enables our system to get the necessary information to the right people as soon as it becomes available, avoiding mistakes due to lack of information as well as information overload. The major components of the MILOS system are the resource pool, the process model, the project plan and the workflow engine. Components are linked by an event propagation mechanism that sends notifications about changes to all observers (other components and users). MILOS is completely implemented in Java.


    Universitšt Kaiserlautern


    /Goldmann, 1999/ MILOS: A Model of Interleaved Planning, Scheduling, and Enactment

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