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    PICO - Process Improvement Combined apprOach



    ISCN - International Software Consulting Network


    PICO's mission was to bring experts from different fields and methodologies into an interdisciplinary team that worked on a consistent framework of business strategies, goal analysis, software process analysis, improvement planning and implementation as well as measurement.

    To achieve this, PICO has developed a comprehensive set of configurable training courses packaged with a book as a basic information pool and with a tool for supporting automated generation of analysis data. PICO is based on the "learning by doing" training principle and on the paradigm of a learning organisation. Only those systems who are able to continuously adapt themselves to new situations and environments have a chance to remain competitive.

    Learning and dealing with change and new situations is a key success factor. The project has been supported by the European Union under the EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme.


    /Messnarz, 1999/ Better Software Practice for Business Benefit: Principles and Experience

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