PIE - Process Instance Evolution  

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    PIE - Process Instance Evolution



    Partners : UJF (Université Joseph Fourier) - F
    Manchester University - UK
    Unido (Universität Dortmund) - D
    Inter-Unec (U. Savoie, Annecy) - F
    Polimi (Politecnico di Milano) - I
    Xerox (XRCE Grenoble - see PIE WWW page) - F
    TeamWARE (Kidsgrove) - UK
    Dassault Systèmes (Paris) - F


    The objective of PIE is to define a framework that allows managers to pilot and implement on-line dynamic evolution and changes to work activities performed over distributed running processes.

    ESPRIT-IV Open LTR second phase project n° 34840

    Second Phase Period: Feb/1999 Feb/2001

    First Phase Period: Oct/1997 until Apr/1998


    /Cunin, 2001/ The PIE Methodology - Concept and Application
    /Cunin, 2000/ The PIE Project: An Introduction
    /Estublier, 2000/ Support for Software Federations: the PIE Platform

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