Rational Unified Process  

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    Rational Unified Process



    Rational Software


    The Rational Unified Process(tm) is a Web-enabled software engineering process that enhances team productivity and delivers software best practices to all team members. This e-coach(tm) makes process practical by providing prescriptive guidelines, templates and examples for all critical software lifecycle activities. The e-coach is non-intrusive and tightly integrated with Rational tools, allowing development teams to gain the full benefits of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), software automation, and other industry best practices.

    The Rational Unified Process is a fundamental part of Rational Suite, a fully integrated set of Rational tools linked by a common set of team-enabling processes. Rational Suite is a software development solution, with different versions specifically optimized for analysts, developers, and testing professionals. The Rational Unified Process is included in Rational Suite AnalystStudio for analysts, Rational Suite TestStudio and Rational Suite PerformanceStudio for testing engineers, and Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio for architects and developers.

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