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    SPIRE - Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe



    Centre for Software Engineering Dublin City University Campus, Dublin 9, Ireland
    Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf


    SPIRE will generate, analyse and disseminate significant new case study and best practice material, in order to raise awareness of best practice and its benefits among small software developers (SSDs), and to promote their adoption of software process improvement. This will be achieved by using experienced mentors (paid by SPIRE) to guide SSDs through an assessment of needs, the preparation of a sound plan for a cost-effective, small SPI project (funded by SPIRE to a maximum of 15KECU) , implementation of the project, and evaluation of results. The experience gained in the most successful projects will be published as short case studies, aimed at decision makers in SSDs, in 4 languages (German, Italian, English and Swedish). Data from all projects will be gathered in a standardised way, to permit analysis from which valuable lessons regarding best SPI practice for SSDs will be derived and published as a report. The results will be disseminated on paper, electronically and through workshops, both in the 4 participating regions of Ireland, Italy, Austria and Sweden, and throughout Europe. The partners are ARC Seibersdorf (Austria), ETNOTEAM (Italy), IVF (Sweden), CSE (Republic of Ireland), and MARI and SIF (both in Northern Ireland). The project will be co-ordinated with other ESSI proactive dissemination projects DonQ-SPI and LSD, and will feed into the ESSI Best Practice Library, in particular the VASIE2 project.

    SPIRE's objectives are to lower the barriers preventing SSDs from successful participation in SPI by:


    Project No. 23873 ESPRIT


    Software Process Improvement, Best Practice, SMEs


    Begin: March/1997
    Duration: 18 months

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