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    Trillium is the result of a partnering project between Bell Canada, Northern Telecom and Bell-Northern Research. The goal of the Model is to provide a means to initiate and guide a continuous improvement program. The Model is used in a variety of ways: The Trillium model is based on the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) v1.1.

    The following table provides a high level indication of the alignment of Trillium levels with key industry indicators and the standards which it encapsulates.

    Key Industry Indicators Trillium Level 1 Trillium Level 2 Trillium Level 3 Trillium Level 4 Trillium Level 5
    Process Ad-hoc Project based Organization Wide    
    Standards None CMM Level 2+
    IEEE 730, 828, 830,1016, 1028, 1058.1, 1063
    CMM Level 3+
    IEEE 1012
    ISO 9001
    IEC 300
    CMM Level 4+
    CMM Level 5
    Process None Unstructured Deployed Systematic  


    /Trillium, 1994/ Trillum: Model for Telecom Product Development & Support Process Capability

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