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  • Standards on Process Technology

    Acronym Title
    CPM Customer Product Management
    ECSS-E-40 Software Engineering Standard
    ECSS-Q80 Software Product Assurance Standard
    ESA PSS-05 Software Engineering Standards
    IEEE 1220 Trial Use Standard for Aplication Management of the Systems Engineering Process
    ISO 9001-3 Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standards - Part 3: Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 to the development, supply and maintenance of software
    ISO 12207 Information Technology - Software life cycle processes
    ISO 15288 Life Cycle Management System Life Cycle Processes
    IT-BVM Austrian development standard
    ITIL IT Infrastructure Library
    MIL-STD-498 Software Development and Documentation Standard
    NATO AQAP-150 NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Software Development
    V-MODEL German development standard - Lifecycle Process Model

    Standards on Process Assessment

    Acronym Title
    Bootstrap Process assessment and improvement methodology
    CMM Capability Maturity Model
    ISO 15504 Information Technology - Software Process Assessment
    SPICE Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination
    Trillum Product Development & Support Process Capability

    Standards on Process Improvement

    Acronym Title
    IDEAL Initiating, Diagnosing, Establishing, Acting and Learning
    QIP Quality Improvement Paradigm
    PSP Personal Software Process
    TSP Team Software Process
    TQM Total Quality Management

    Frameworks Quagmire from Software Productivity Consortium

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    Publication related to Software Standards

    /El Eman, 1999/ Elements of Software Process Assessment and Improvement
    /Moore, 1998/ Software Engineering Standards: A User's Road Map
    /Sheard, 1998/ Systems Engineering Standards and Models Compared
    /Moore, 1997/ U.S. Software Lifecycle Process Standards

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