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The figure 1 is a simplified and illustrative example. For instance, instead of linking a specific tool (T1) with a specific development phase (P1), the process web-centre keeps the information of the link between the meta-model of T1 (MT1) with the meta-model of P1 (MP1) . Thus, the link between T1 and P1 is automatically deducted from the link MT1 and MP1. This structure enables that any other tool that "matches" MT1 is in theory automatically linked to P1.

Figure LTSA
Figure Intro 4: Links on the meta-level

However, not all the links in the process web-centre are established in the meta-level. For example, the links between the authors and to their published paper, the governmental organisations and the standards being launched, the institutions and the commercial tools being developed, etc. All these links are assigned directly between the objects and not in the meta-level.

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