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4.29 Elementary Method "Organizational Chart" (OGC)  

  4.29 Elementarmethode "Organigramm" (OGG)

  • 1 Identification/Definition of the Method
  • 2 Brief Characteristic of the Method
  • 3 Limits of the Methods Application
  • 4 Specification of the Methods Allocation
  • 5 Interfaces
  • 6 Further Literature
  • 7 Functional Tool Requirements
  • 1 Identification/Definition of the Method

    /Brändle, 1975/ pp. 2545-2550 (volume 7)
    The following delimitation of the definition according to /Brändle, 1975/ is required for the V-Model application: the representation of the communication structure and the group structure with the help of an organizational chart is not specified for the application in the V-Model.

    2 Brief Characteristic of the Method

    Objective and Purpose

    The "Organizational Chart" (OGC), also referred to as "Organizational Diagram" or "Organization Structure Plan", represents the macro and micro organizational structures in a graphical form (macro: company or large project, micro: team or small project). The representation comprises organizational units (jobs or positions) and their corresponding task, competence, and responsibility structures.

    The organizational chart reflects the selected organization model; it is the task of the project management to select the suitable organization model for the individual projects.

    Means of Representation

    The various representation forms are, e. g.:

    The vertical organizational chart (tree diagram) is the representation form used most often; organizational units are represented by rectangles, relationships are represented by connecting lines. Because of lacking space, the subtrees are often represented in a column form (list with indentations).

    3 Limits of the Methods Application

    - not applicable -

    4 Specification of the Methods Allocation

    No. Activity Description
    4.1 PM1.1 - Setting up the Project The organization structure of the project has to be represented with the help of the organizational chart. The roles defined in the V-Model must be allocated to organizational units or to individual persons.

    By applying the OGC, the requirements to the subproduct "Structure Organization" are met.

    4.1 SD1.8 - Generation of Software Maintenance and Modification Concept The structure organization to realize the SWMM must be illustrated with the help of an organizational chart. By applying method OGC, the requirements to subproduct SWMM Concept.Organizational Structure are met.

    5 Interfaces

    - not applicable -

    6 Further Literature

    /Brändle, 1975/ Organisationspläne
    /Fischer, 1975/ Management-Enzyklopädie - Das Managementwissen unserer Zeit

    7 Functional Tool Requirements

    SPM02 - Supporting Planning of the Project Organization

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