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Annex 1 Software Inspection  


  • 1 Identification/Definition of the Method
  • 2 Brief Characteristic of the Method
  • 3 Application of the Method in the V-Model
  • 4 Interfaces
  • 5 Further Information
  • 6 Literature
  • 1 Identification/Definition of the Method

    /IEEE 1028, 1988/ chap. 4, pp. 15-18

    2 Brief Characteristic of the Method

    Next, the procedure presented within the scope of the description of the category REV - Review in the Methods Standard is stated more precisely.

    With regard to the planning, no more details are required.

    The software inspection meeting begins with the instruction of the participants. In this connection, the participants are introduced by the moderator to the objectives and to the procedure. After that a member of the software inspection team presents the contents of the object to be assessed in a brief and logical way. The individual inspectors react with various necessary questions while being supported by the assessment criteria and possibly also by historical data. The developer plays only a passive role. He is ready to answer questions. Discussions are limited to the identification of faults. The moderator will only interfere if the discussion diverts significantly from the subject or the objective of the software inspection. A person taking minutes makes notes of all detected errors faults. After ending the discussion, the listed faults are presented as a whole and investigated with regard to completeness by all participants together.

    3 Application of the Method in the V-Model

    The method can be applied to assess documents within the scope of the activities QA4.2 - Assessment of the Content of the Product and QA 6. It can be applied for all possible objects to be assessed.

    4 Interfaces

    - not applicable -

    5 Further Information

    The method is often known under the name Design or Code Inspection (e. g. /Fagan, 76/). It must be noted that in /ISO DIS 8402-1, 91/ the term Inspection is used as a synonym for assessment as an activity.

    6 Literature

    /Fagan, 1976/ /Fagan, 76/ Software Inspection procedure; participating persons; possible applications for Software Inspections
    /Freedman, 1982/ Description of Software Inspections
    /IEEE 1028, 1988/ Original Literature
    /ISO DIS 8402-1, 1991/ ISO Definition of the term "Inspection"
    /Wallmüller, 1990/ Process of a Review (pp. 147-149)
    Selection of the Participants (pp. 149-150)
    Reviews in the Development Process (pp. 153-161)
    Limitation to the Walkthrough (p. 152)

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