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Annex 1 Technical Review  

  Technischer Review

  • 1 Identification/Definition of the Method
  • 2 Brief Characteristic of the Method
  • 3 Application of the Method in the V-Model
  • 4 Interfaces
  • 5 Further Information
  • 6 Literature
  • 1 Identification/Definition of the Method

    /IEEE 1028, 1988/ chap. 4, pp. 13-15

    2 Brief Characteristic of the Method

    Next, the procedure presented within the scope of the description of the category REV - Review in the Methods Standard is stated more precisely.

    With regard to the planning, no more details are required.

    The preparation phase comprises the individual assessment of the object to be assessed by the members of the review team, based on the defined assessment criteria. The notes related to the assessment criteria are required in writing and have to be submitted to the moderator. This way, the actual assessment for the technical review takes place during the preparation phase.

    During the meeting, the notes prepared by the team members are discussed in the order of the assumed importance. The order is defined by the moderator, who must also take care that only the essential notes are handled during the meeting. A person taking minutes must take care that all comments made during the meeting are correctly documented. He is also in charge of the final result documentation. The result of the meeting must be supported and signed by all of the participants. An agreement about the total assessment is required. Possible extra votes must be documented in the protocol. It is not the task of the technical review to decide about the consequences of the result.

    3 Application of the Method in the V-Model

    The method can be used to determine the assessability (activity QA4.1 - Determination of Assessability) and to assess documents in connection with the activities QA4.2 - Assessment of the Content of the Product and QA 6. It can be applied for all possible objects to be assessed in question.

    4 Interfaces

    - not applicable -

    5 Further Information

    /ISO DIS 8402-1, 91/ refers to a design review. This term is defined as a documented, comprehensive and systematic investigation of a design in order to assess its ability to meet the quality requirements, to identify problems-if existing-and to suggest the development of appropriate solutions.

    6 Literature

    /Freedman, 1982/ Description of Technical Reviews
    /IEEE 1028, 1988/ Original Literature
    /ISO DIS 8402-1, 91/ ISO Definition of the term "Design Review"
    /Wallmüller, 1990/ Process of a Review (pp. 147-149)
    Selection of the Participants (pp. 149-150)
    Reviews in the Development Process (pp. 153-161)

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