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3.2 Allocation Tables for Submodel QA  

QA 1.1- Generation of QA Plan
QA 1.2- Generation of Assessment Plan
Assessment Plan 2 Objects to be Assessed and Qualification Requirements  
3 Tasks and Responsibilities  
4 Time Schedule BAR /25 NPT
QA 2.1- Definition of Assessment Methods and Criteria
QA 2.2- Definition of Assessment Environment
QA 2.3- Definition of Test Cases
Assessment Specification 5 Test Cases  
5.1 Test Case Description for System, Segment, SW Unit BBTD + FMEA5
for SW Component, SW-Module, Database BBTD + WBTD
for Operational Information BBTD
5.2 Coverage Matrix  
QA 2.4 - Generation of Assessment Procedure
QA 3 - Process Assessment of Activities
QA 4.1 - Determination of Assessability
Object to be Assessed all V-Model Products, except: Project Plan, Project Manual, Project History, QA Plan REV + STAT26
QA 4.2 - Assessment of the Content of the Product
Object to be Assessed* User Requirements REV + T27 + STAT26 + SIMU9
Technical Requirements REV + T27 + STAT26 + SIMU9
System Architecture REV + T27 + STAT26
SW Architecture REV + T27 + STAT26
SW Design REV + T27 + STAT26
Implementation Documents REV + STAT26
SW Module, Database, SW Component, SW Unit, Segment, System T + SIMU28
Integration Plan REV
Operational Information (Information for the User Manual, Information for the Diagnosis Manual, Information for the Operator Manual, Other Application Information) REV + T
Data Dictionary REV +STAT26
Interface Overview REV + STAT26
Interface Description REV + STAT26
Assessment Plan REV
Assessment Specification REV
Assessment Procedure REV + T29
Configuration Identification Document (System, SW, HW) REV
Change Order REV
Change Memo REV
QA 5 - QA Reporting

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