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Methods/Product Matrix for Submodel SD  

Methods SD Products
AUD Audit                                
ACC Analysis of Covert Channels   ACC x System Architecture     ACC x Interface Description ACC x SW Architecture ACC x SW Design ACC x Data Dictionary ACC x Implement. Docs.              
BAR Bar Plan                   BAR x SWMM Concept BAR x Integration Plan          
TREE Tree Diagram                                
BBTD Black Box Test Case Design                                
CRC Class Responsibility Collaboration                                
DFM Data Flow Modeling DFM x User Requirements DFM x System Architecture DFM x Technical Requirements DFM x Interface Overview                        
DIAL Dialog Design Modeling     DIAL x Technical Requirements                          
DNAV Data Navigation Modeling                 DNAV x Implement. Docs.              
DVER Design Verification   DVER x System Architecture     DVER x Interface Description DVER x SW Architecture DVER x SW Design DVER x Data Dictionary                
ELH Entity Life History     ELH x Technical Requirements                          
ER E/R Modeling ER x User Requirements ER x System Architecture ER x Technical Requirements                          
DTAB Decision Table Technique     DTAB x Technical Requirements               DTAB x Integration Plan          
EVT Earned Value Method                                
EXPM Expertise Model EXPM x User Requirements                              
FCTD Functional Decomposition FCTD x User Requirements FCTD x System Architecture FCTD x Technical Requirements                          
FMEA Failure Mode Effect Analysis FMEA x User Requirements   FMEA x Technical Requirements                          
FNET Function Net Modeling FNET x User Requirements FNET x System Architecture FNET x Technical Requirements                          
FS Formal Specification   FS x System Architecture     FS x Interface Description FS x SW Architecture FS x SW Design FS x Data Dictionary                
IAM Interaction Modeling IAM x User Requirements IAM x System Architecture IAM x Technical Requirements   IAM x Interface Description IAM x SW Architecture IAM x SW Design                  
CFM Control Flow Modeling     CFM x Technical Requirements                          
COM Class/Object Modeling COM x User Requirements COM x System Architecture COM x Technical Requirements COM x Interface Overview COM x Interface Description COM x SW Architecture COM x SW Design                  
LOGM Logical DB Modeling             LOGM x SW Design                  
MODIAG Module Diagrams       MODIAG x Interface Overview   MODIAG x SW Architecture MODIAG x SW Design                  
NORM Normalization             NORM x SW Design                  
NPT Network Planning Technique                     NPT x Integration Plan          
BA Benefit Analysis   BA x System Architecture                            
ODT Object Design Technique           ODT x SW Architecture                    
OGC Organizational Chart                   OGC x SWMM Concept            
PCODE Pseudocode             PCODE x SW Design                  
PRODIAG Process Diagrams PRODIAG x User Requirements PRODIAG x System Architecture PRODIAG x Technical Requirements     PRODIAG x SW Architecture                    
PVER Program Verification                 PVER x Implement. Docs.              
PIM Process Interaction Modeling           PIM x SW Architecture                    
REV Review REV x User Requirements REV x System Architecture REV x Technical Requirements REV x Interface Overview REV x Interface Description REV x SW Architecture REV x SW Design REV x Data Dictionary REV x Implement. Docs.   REV x Integration Plan REV x Operational Information        
SIMU Simulation Models SIMU x User Requirements SIMU x System Architecture SIMU x Technical Requirements       SIMU x SW Design           SIMU x System SIMU x SW Unit SIMU x SW Concept SIMU x SW Module/Database
EMOD Estimation Models                                
SSM Subsystem Modeling SSM x User Requirements SSM x System Architecture SSM x Technical Requirements SSM x Interface Overview SSM x Interface Description SSM x SW Architecture                    
STAT Static Analysis STAT x User Requirements STAT x System Architecture STAT x Technical Requirements STAT x Interface Overview STAT x Interface Description STAT x SW Architecture STAT x SW Design STAT x Data Dictionary STAT x Implement. Docs. STAT x SWMM Concept STAT x Integration Plan STAT x Operational Information        
STRD Structured Design                                
SBM System Behavior Models SBM x User Requirements SBM x System Architecture SBM x Technical Requirements                          
T Test T x User Requirements T x System Architecture T x Technical Requirements     T x SW Architecture T x SW Design         T x Operational Information T x System T x SW Unit T x SW Concept T x SW Module/Database
TRDA Trend Analysis                                
UCM Use Case Modeling UCM x User Requirements                              
WBTD White Box Test Case Design                                
STM State Transition Modeling     STM x Interface Description     STM x SW Architecture                    
STMO State Modeling in the OO Field STMO x User Requirements   STMO x Technical Requirements   STMO x Interface Description   STMO x SW Design                  
RELM Reliability Models RELM x User Requirements   RELM x Technical Requirements                          

Matrix Entries:


Table 2.1: Method/Product Matrix for Submodel SD

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