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2 Overview  
Methods/Product Matrix for Submodel CM  

Methods CM Products
AUD Audit                
ACC Analysis of Covert Channels                
BAR Bar Plan                
TREE Tree Diagram                
BBTD Black Box Test Case Design                
CRC Class Responsibility Collaboration                
DFM Data Flow Modeling                
DIAL Dialog Design Modeling                
DNAV Data Navigation Modeling                
DVER Design Verification                
ELH Entity Life History                
ER E/R Modeling                
DTAB Decision Table Technique                
EVT Earned Value Method     EVT x Project History          
EXPM Expertise Model                
FCTD Functional Decomposition                
FMEA Failure Mode Effect Analysis                
FNET Function Net Modeling                
FS Formal Specification                
IAM Interaction Modeling                
CFM Control Flow Modeling                
COM Class/Object Modeling                
LOGM Logical DB Modeling                
MODIAG Module Diagrams                
NORM Normalization                
NPT Network Planning Technique                
BA Benefit Analysis                
ODT Object Design Technique                
OGC Organizational Chart                
PCODE Pseudocode                
PRODIAG Process Diagrams                
PVER Program Verification                
PIM Process Interaction Modeling                
REV Review REV x CM Plan REV x CID   REV x Change Request     REV x Change Memo  
SIMU Simulation Models                
EMOD Estimation Models                
SSM Subsystem Modeling                
STAT Static Analysis STAT x CM Plan STAT x CID   STAT x Change Request     STAT x Change Memo  
STRD Structured Design                
SBM System Behavior Models                
T Test                
TRDA Trend Analysis                
UCM Use Case Modeling                
WBTD White Box Test Case Design                
STM State Transition Modeling                
STMO State Modeling in the OO Field                
RELM Reliability Models                

Matrix Entries:


Table 2.3: Method/Product Matrix for Submodel CM

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