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Restrictions of the Methods Application  

Abbrev. Method Restriction of Application with Respect to
AUD Audit  
ACC Analysis of Covert Channels Security
BARBar Plan Sundries (1)
TREETree Diagram  
BBTDBlack Box Test Case Design  
CRCClass Responsibility Collaboration Object-Oriented Development
DFMData Flow Modeling  
DIALDialog Design Modeling Sundries (1)
DNAVData Navigation Modeling Information Systems
DVERDesign Verification Security/Reliability
ELHEntity Life History Information Systems
ERE/R Modeling Information Systems
DTABDecision Table Technique Complexity
EVTEarned Value Method  
EXPMExpertise Model Knowledge-Based Systems
FCTDFunctional Decomposition  
FMEAFailure Mode Effect Analysis Sundries (1)
FNETFunction Net Modeling Information Systems
FSFormal Specification Security/Reliability
IAMInteraction Modeling Object-Oriented Development
CFMControl Flow Modeling Realtime Systems
COMClass/Object Modeling Object-Oriented Development
LOGMLogical DB Modeling Information Systems
MODIAGModule Diagrams Object-Oriented Development
NORMNormalization Information Systems
NPTNetwork Planning Technique Complexity
BABenefit Analysis Complexity
ODTObject Design Technique Realtime Systems
OGCOrganizational Chart  
PRODIAGProcess Diagrams Object-Oriented Development
PVERProgram Verification Security/
PIMProcess Interaction Modeling Sundries (1)
SIMUSimulation Models Sundries (1)
EMODEstimation Models  
SSMSubsystem Modeling Object-Oriented Development
STATStatic Analysis Sundries (1)
STRDStructured Design Sundries (1)
SBMSystem Behavior Models Criticality
TTest Sundries (1)
TRDATrend Analysis  
UCMUse Case Modeling Object-Oriented Development
WBTDWhite Box Test Case Design  
STMState Transition Modeling Sundries (1)
STMOState Modeling in the OO Field Object-Oriented Development
RELMReliability Models Reliability

Table 2.8: Restrictions of the Methods Application


(1) Various limitations (see section 3.5)

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