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4 Explanations of the Method Interfaces  

This chapter contains explanations of interfaces between individual basic methods. Figure 4.1 illustrates the interfaces in an overview. The number at the edges corresponds to the chapter number for the individual interface descriptions in the following.


Interfaces between methods already existing by means of the product relationship in the V-Model (e. g. FCTD and FNET refer to the same "function" in a product) are not specially listed as method interfaces. A reference as method interface also does not exist if-based on a V-Model activity-an adjustment is already required between certain products that are filled by methods (e. g. in SD4-SW the requirements allocation in the SW Architecture implies an adjustment between STRD and DFM) and this adjustment is sufficient.

Figure 4.1
Figure 4.1: Method Interfaces

4.1 Interface ACC-FS
4.2 Interface BAR-NPT
4.3 Interface DFM-ER
4.4 Interface DFM-FCTD
4.5 Interface DFM-CFM
4.6 Interface DNAV-ER
4.7 Interface DNAV-PCODE
4.8 Interface DVER-FS
4.9 Interface ELH-ER
4.10 Interface ELH-FNET
4.11 Interface ER-LOGM
4.12 Interface ER-NORM
4.13 Interface FS-PVER
4.14 Interface CFM-STM
4.15 Interface PCODE-PIM
4.16 Interface PCODE-STRD
4.17 Interface PCODE-STM
4.18 Interface PIM-STM

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