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4.10 Interface ELH-FNET  

  • 1 Characterization of the Interface
  • 2 Example
  • 3 Tool Support
  • 4 Literature
  • 1 Characterization of the Interface

    The interface corresponds to type "balancing against the results of another basic method".

    The description of the life cycle of each entity type is coordinated with the possible sequences of the functions. The life cycle states, the permitted state transitions and the involved functions are described for each entity type. Thus, permitted courses of function result for each entity type. They have to be balanced against the processes described within the scope of the function net modeling.

    2 Example

    The following two diagrams illustrate the interface.

    Figure 4.12
    Figure 4.12: Function Net "Order Processing"

    Figure 4.13
    Figure 4.13: Lifecycle "Order"


    Within the scope of an order processing, incoming orders have to be collected and checked in the morning. In case the ordered articles are in stock, the order is acknowledged. Otherwise it has to be rejected. Figure 4.12 illustrates the process of the business functions as function network. This must not contain any inconsistencies with regard to the lifecycle of entity type "Order" which has been illustrated in Figure 4.13. The permitted states must be entered into the diagonal, the arrows point to the permitted state transitions and the functions that are in charge. This results in limitations for possible courses of function. Courses of function that are not permitted must not occur in any function net.

    3 Tool Support

    Function nets and life cycles of entity types can be represented as a matrix. Thus tool support is possible by means of all tools that can be used to generate a matrix.

    4 Literature

    /Downs, 1992/ Chap. 3.11 explains the cooperation of the two methods
    /Martin, 1991/ Chap. 14 contains an example for an Entity/Process Matrix
    /Ploenzke, 1991/ Section FSA, chap. 7 contains several examples for FNET and ELH

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