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V-Model Export Tables - Chapters

  The contents of the table chapters are:

1) Path in the GDPA
2) Document acronym (From the table documents) (KEY)
3) Chapter acronym used in GDPA (KEY)
4) Chapter number
5) Chapter title

Example   The chapter "Preliminary System Description" of the document "User Requirements" is represented as:

gdpa/vmodel/d-ureq.htm#preliminary_descr;d-ureq;preliminary_descr;6.1.;Preliminary System Description


1) Path in the GDPA: gdpa/vmodel/d-ureq.htm#preliminary_descr
2) Document acronym (From the table Documents): d-ureq
3) Chapter acronym used in GDPA: preliminary_descr
4) Chapter number: 6.1.
5) Chapter title: Preliminary System Description

Elements   663 Elements.
Includes all the chapters of the documents which have a chapter.
Attention: There are documents which have no chapter.

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