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  HW Hardwareerstellung

  • HW.1 Activities of Hardware Generation (SD 4-HW to SD 7-HW)
  • HW.2 Products of the Hardware Generation
  • HW.3 Submodel Quality Assurance (QA)
  • HW.5 Submodel Project Management (PM)
  • HW.6 Product Schemas
  • HW.1 Activities of Hardware Generation (SD 4-HW to SD 7-HW)

    Activities of Hardware Generation (SD 4-HW to SD 7-HW) Hardware development within the scope of the V-Model is based on activities at system level and segment level and also on activities that are relevant for each HW Unit:

    HW.2 Products of the Hardware Generation

    HW Architecture, set of graphs, Realization Documents, and Analysis Report are combined for hardware products. This also includes Hardware Requirements that are representing part of the Technical Requirements.

    The product design for these products is listed in section HW.6 Product Schemas, together with the explanations.

    HW.2.1 Hardware-Requirements (as part of the Technical Requirements)

    The Hardware Requirements cover all requirements made of the HW Unit which are relevant for the design, realization and later use. With respect to the last named aspect in particular the requirements made of assessability and maintainability requirements are formulated as well.

    HW.2.2 HW Architecture

    In the HW Architecture, the decomposition of the HW Unit into single logical blocks, the individual HW Components and the Modules and the functionality and interaction of these parts is described. In the requirements allocation what is shown is which design elements cover which requirements.

    The HW Architecture contains the results of both the preliminary and the detailed design of the HW Unit.

    HW.2.3 Engineering Drawing Set

    The reflects the entire realization of the HW Unit. It contains all information and documents required for manufacturing the HW Unit. Apart from the drawings, this includes part lists, wiring diagrams, etc., also information about parameter settings, adjustments, etc.

    HW.2.4 Realization Documents

    The Realization Documents include information about installation, integration, security handling, etc. of the HW Unit which must be generated and specified during the realization.

    The Realization Documents contain details concerning installation, integration, security handling etc. of the HW Unit, which were drafted or established as part of the realization.

    HW.2.5 Analysis Report

    If required, certain analysis and proof calculation will be made in cases when the requirements for the HW Unit are particularly high. They will be documented in the Analysis Report(s).

    HW.3 Submodel Quality Assurance (QA)

    The following includes explanations about the use of submodel QA.

    HW.3.1 QA Products

    The regulations of submodel QA have to be applied to the hardware.

    HW.3.2 QA Assessments

    As in activity QA4.2 - Assessment of the Content of the Product, special assessments are required for hardware. (This must already be observed on system level.) The assessments are the same for HW Units. In the "Product" checklists of the Assessment Specification, the following items have to be completed:

    HW.3.3 Design of Assessment Tools

    According to expensive assessment tools, the realization should take place in a simplified form and as a separate project, according to the V-Model.

    HW.4 Submodel Configuration Management (CM)

    The following contains explanations about the use of the configuration management.

    HW.5 Submodel Project Management (PM)

    The activities of the project management can also be transferred to the hardware development.

    In chapter 3.1.4 of the Project Plan, Baselines, baselines must also be defined with regard to "relational configurations) (cf. submodel CM), in case this has been correspondingly specified in higher ranking regulations (e. g. /STANAG 4159/).

    HW.6 Product Schemas

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