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  • ISO.1 Introduction
  • ISO.2 Meeting the Quality Standards
  • ISO.3 Conformity between V-Model and ISO 12207
  • ISO.1 Introduction

    In order to guarantee a high level of process and product quality the customer demands that quality standards are met. The standards might be The following explains which parts of these demands can be met by using the V-Model, and how by doing so extra cost can be avoided, both while setting up quality management systems (contractor) and during certification (customer and contractor). This shows how getting the corresponding certificates or acknowledgments can be made a lot easier with the help of the V-Model.

    By means of an allocation table it is also illustrated how the processes of the /ISO IEC 12207/ (Software Life Cycle Processes) can be covered by the activities of the V-Model. This allocation shows that the V-Model meets the ISO 12207 standard, with only a few exceptions that all lie outside the application range of the V-Model.

    ISO.2 Meeting the Quality Standards

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    ISO.3 Conformity between V-Model and ISO 12207

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