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ISO.2.3 AQAP-150 Conformity on the Basis of the V-Model  

  ISO.2.3 AQAP-150-Konformitšt auf der Basis des V-Modells

The AQAP-150 completes the rules of the organization-related AQAP-110 in a project-related way with regard to use during software development. As ISO 9001, part 3, AQAP-150 also demands a process model for the software development. This requirement can be met when using the V-Model.

AQAP-150 additionally uses a comprehensive QA Plan (SPQP Plan) as a basis document of the quality management system (QA systems). The contents required for this plan are covered by the following V-Model documents (see table ISO.2):

(Version March 1993)
GD 250
Chapter in QA Plan Chapter
QA Plan Project Manual Project Plan CM Plan Assessment Plan
0 Cover Sheet          
1 Introduction          
1.1 Purpose 1        
1.2 Scope 1        
1.3 SMM Update -        
1.4 Related Documents 1        
1.5 Relation to other Documents 1        
2 Project Description          
2.1 Project Overview   2      
2.2 Assumptions 1 2; 3      
2.3 Products to be delivered   3      
3 Management          
3.1 SW Development Process   4; 5 2; 4    
3.2 Organization   7      
3.3 Correction Measures   (5.4)   3  
3.4 Measures with Regard to Subcontracts       total  
3.5 Configuration Management (5.6) 4   2.2  
3.6 Already developed SW (5.1)     4  
3.7 Storage of Information 5.6     4  
3.8 Handling and Storing Data Media          
4 Software Technique          
4.1 SW Development Environment   6      
4.2 Methods/Procedures/Standards   6;8      
4.3 Development Documentation   5      
5 Evaluation and Verification (E/V) 3 5     total

All information in brackets is partially covered.

Table ISO.2: Similarities between V-Model and QA Plan of AQAP-150

In order to completely cover AQAP-150, the following requirements for a QA system going beyond the V-Model have to be met as well. The following list is to be used for a better understanding. Only the original text of the AQAP-150 is valid.

1. SW Quality Management System (QM System)

The following requirements of the AQAP-150 have to be integrated as additional specifications into the Project Manual.

2. Quality of the Finished Products

It must be possible to prove the quality of SW products that will not be delivered.

3. Definition and review of the software requirements

The contractor must be informed as early as possible about possible uncertain factors in the interpretation and realization of software, performance and quality features demanded by the contract.

4. Investigation and review of software requirements.

5. SW Development Process

All constructive and analytical quality measures must be tested, tried and qualified. (This requirement is met by using the method allocations).

6. Organization

The organizational units or persons in charge of the review have to be given sufficient resources, responsibilities, and authorizations.

7. Off-the-Shelf Products

8. Handling and Storing of Data Media

9. Software Technology

10. Measures with Regard to Subcontractors

The contractor must use procedures for the selection of subcontractors and introduce process regulations in order to set up interfaces to the subcontractors.

11. Access and Participation of Customers

The contractor must allow the customer access to his own installations or respectively to his subcontractor's installations. The contractor must provide customers with every needed support-according to contract-during the evaluation of the software quality management program and the review of the SW products.

12. Evaluation and Verification

With regard to the software product stipulated by contract, quantitative/qualitative evaluation criteria must also be applied for the management and control of the development process. The evaluation criteria have to make it possible to specify the current performance level, the introduction of remedial measures, and the definition of objectives for improvement.

If the customer demands a QA system according to AQAP, the contractor can prove this by submitting a "formal acknowledgement" from BWB-AT. This document implies the existence of an ISO certificate.

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