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ISO.2.4 AQAP-110/150 Conformity on the Basis of an ISO-9001 Certificate  

  ISO.2.4 AQAP-110/150-Konformitšt auf der Basis eines ISO-9001-Zertifikats

  • ISO.2.4.1 Formal Acknowledgement, not related to Contract
  • ISO.2.4.2 Informal Acknowledgement related to Contract
  • ISO.2.4.1 Formal Acknowledgement, not related to Contract

    In case a corporation requires a formal acknowledgement according to AQAP-110/150 that is not related to the contract, BWB-AT will formally acknowledge an accredited certifier according to ISO 9001 after a written application, that the QM system of the contractor meets the AQAP-110/150 requirements provided that a certificate exists, and after successful review with regard to additional NATO regulations, based on an existing development contract that is subject to BWB-AT.

    This "formal acknowledgement" is valid, according to the term of the ISO certificate; it can be prolonged under certain conditions.

    ISO.2.4.2 Informal Acknowledgement related to Contract

    In the case of contracts, BWB-AT will thoroughly check the QM system with AQAP-110/150, related to the development of material for armed forces, in order to find out if the requirements of the AQAP agreed on have been met. After the successful conclusion of such an assessment the contractor is informally informed that the QM system covers the AQAP-110/150 requirements, according to the existing contract.

    The existence of an informal, contract-related acknowledgement is a precondition for the renewal of the "formal acknowledgement".

    Note: The contractor may achieve the project-related fulfillment of the AQAP-150 also in a much simpler way by using the V-Model. However, the acknowledgement of the AQAP conformity (by an assessment on the part of the BWB-AT) is basically given on the basis of the original AQAP requirements.

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