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ISO.2.5 Connection between V-Model, ISO 900x and AQAP  

  ISO.2.5 Zusammenhang von V-Modell, ISO 900x und AQAP

Prior to being applied, all standards (V-Model, ISO 9001, AQAP-110, AQAP-150) are made into a version.

V-Model: The Project Manual by means of tender-relevant tailoring.
ISO 9001: By introducing a QM system to the contractor, represented by the QM manual.
AQAP-150: By using a QM system.

Figure ISO.2 shows the interconnection between standards and the representation in the various instantiation levels.

Figure ISO.2
Figure ISO.2: Interrelation of the Standards and Their Instantiation

Legend to Figure ISO.2 (Explanation of Arrows):

1 ISO 9000-3 deviates from the ISO 9001; however, it has another structure and is a manual for the use of the ISO 0001.
2 AQAP-150 deviates from AQAP-110, but has another structure.
3 The Project Manual is generated by project- or department-specific tailoring from the generic V-Model.
4 With regard to certification the QM system of the contractor has been generated by taking into consideration the requirements of ISO 9001.
5 The additional NATO requirements of the AQAP-110 contain the requirements of the quality assessment.
6 The QM system of the contractor guarantees that it can be reviewed. It is required in ISO 9001 (AQAP-110) and AQAP-150.
7 The Project Manual determines the relevant V-Model subset. It exists in a version relevant to the contract and is the basis for the technical tailoring the regulations of which have also been specified in the Project Manual.
8 A QM system according to ISO-9001 (and thus also AQAP-110) demands a development model, represented by the V-Model.
9 AQAP-150 can be used alone or in connection with AQAP-110 (recommended by AQAP-150 for general projects with a SW supplement) as a special software and project oriented supplements. AQAP-150 demands an effective QM system that may be project-related or part of a general QM system.
10 ISO 9001 is used for SW projects in the interpretation of the ISO 9000-3. In the case of certified corporations, it is realized with the QM system.

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