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Allocation of roles/activities for PM  

  Aktivitäten/Rollen-Matrix für PM

Activity / Role
PM1.1 - Setting up the Project a r c     a   a    
PM1.2 - Definition of Project Criteria and Development Strategy   r c       a     a
PM1.3 - Generation of Project-Specific V-Model   r c       c      
PM1.4 - Toolset Management   r c           c a
PM1.5 - Generation of Preliminary Plan   r c              
PM2 - Placement/ Procurement a r c c            
PM3 - Contractor Management   r                
PM4 - Detailed Planning   r c              
PM5 - Cost/Benefit Analysis   r c   c          
PM6 - Phase Review c r   c a c c c    
PM7 - Risk Management   r c              
PM8 - Project Control   r c   c          
PM9 - Information Service/Reporting   r c              
PM10 - Training/Instruction   r c              
PM11 - Supplying Resources     c              
PM12 - Allocation of Work Orders   r c           c  
PM13 - Staff Training   r c              
PM14 - Project Completion   r c              

Table R.3 Allocation of roles/activities for PM

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