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Allocation of roles/activities for QA  

  Aktivitäten/Rollen-Matrix für QS

Activity / Role
QA1.1 - Generation the QA Plan a r   c
QA1.2 - Generation the Assessment Plan a r   c
QA2.1 - Definition of Assessment Methods and Criteria   r    
QA2.2 - Definition of Assessment Environment   r    
QA2.3 - Definition of Test Cases   r    
QA2.4 - Generation of Assessment Procedure   r    
QA3 - Process Assessment of Activites   r c  
QA4.1 - Determination of Assessability   c r  
QA4.2 - Assessment of the Content of the Product     r  
QA5 - QA Reporting   r    

Table R.4 Allocation of roles/activities for QA

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