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Allocation of roles/activities for CM  

  Aktivitäten/Rollen-Matrix für KM

Activity / Role
CM1.1 - Generation the CM Plan a r     c  
CM1.2 - Setting up CM   a r      
CM2.1 - Product Initialization     r      
CM2.2 - Configuration Initialization     4      
CM2.3 - Product Management     r     c
CM2.4 - Configuration Update     r      
CM2.5 - Administration of Access Rights     r      
CM3.1 - Change Evaluation   c c   r  
CM3.2 - Decision about Change Procedures and Initiation of Change   c c   r  
CM3.3 - Completion of Change   r c      
CM4.1 - Data Administration       r    
CM4.2 - Cataloging of SW/HW Products     r      
CM4.3 - Interface Coordination   r c      
CM4.4 - Data Backup     c      
CM4.5 - Update of CM Documentation     r      
CM4.6 - Release Management   r c   c c
CM4.7 - Recording Project History   r        

Table R.5 Allocation of roles/activities for CM

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