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Allocation of roles/activities for SD  

  Aktivitäten/Rollen-Matrix für SE

Activity / Role
SD1.1 - Recording of Actual Status and Analysis r a                   c  
SD1.2 - Description of Application System r                     c  
SD1.3 - Definition of Criticality and Quality Requirements r                     c  
SD1.4 - Definition of Marginal Conditions r                     c  
SD1.5 - User-Level System Structure r       c c   c a c c c  
SD1.6 - Threat and Risk Analysis                   r      
SD1.7 - Realization of Requirements Controlling c c                   r c
SD1.8 - Generation of Software Maintenance and Modification Concept   r                   c c
SD2.1 - Technical System Design   r     c         c     c
SD2.2 - Realization of Efficiency Analysis                   r      
SD2.3 - Investigation of Feasibility c r               c c   c
SD2.4 - Allocation of User Requirements   r                      
SD2.5 - Interface Description   r                      
SD2.6 - Specification of System Integration   r     c                
SD3.1 - Definition of General Requirements from SW/HW Unit Point of View   r                      
SD3.2 - Specification of Requirements for External Interfaces of SW/HW Unit   r                      
SD3.3 - Definition of Requirements for the Functionality   r                      
SD3.4 - Definition of Requirements for the Quality of the SW/HS Unit   r                      
SD3.5 - Definition of Requirements for the Development and SWMM Environment   r     c   c            
SD4.1 - SW Architecture Design     r   c                
SD4.2 - Design of Internal and External SW Interfaces     r                    
SD4.3 - Specification of SW Integration     r   c                
SD5.1 - Description of SW Component/Module/Database     r   c                
SD5.2 - Analysis of Resources and Time Requirements     r                    
SD6.1 - Coding of SW Modules     r                    
SD6.2 - Realization of Database     r                    
SD6.3 - Self-Assesment of the SW Module/Database     r                    
SD7.1 - Integration into SW Component     r                    
SD7.2 - Self-Assessment of SW Component     r                    
SD7.3 - Integration into SW Unit     r                    
SD7.4 - Self-Assessment of SW Unit     r                    
SD 4.1-HW: Generation and Evaluation of Solution Proposals       r                  
SD 4.2-HW: Generation of the Preliminary Design of a HW Unit       r c                
SD 4.3-HW: Specification of Internal HW Interfaces       r                  
SD 4.4-HW: Specification of HW Integration       r c                
SD 5.1-HW: Generation of Detailed Designs for HW Components/HW Modules       r c                
SD 5.2-HW: Generation of Engineering Drawing       r                  
SD 5.3-HW: Generation of Analyses and Proofs       r                  
SD 6.1-HW: Making of HW Components/HW Modules       r                  
SD 6.2-HW: Self-Assessment       r                  
SD 7.1-HW: Integration into HW Substructure       r                  
SD 7.2-HW: Self-Assessment of HW Substructure       r                  
SD 7.3-HW: Integration into HW Unit       r                  
SD 7.4-HW: Self-Assessment of HW Unit       r                  
SD8.1 - Integration into System a r c c                  
SD8.2 - Self-Assessment of the System   r c c                  
SD8.3 - Product Supply   r c c c c              
SD9.1 - Contribution to Support for Introduction         c r           c  
SD9.2 - System Installation           r c            
SD9.3 - Putting into Operation           r           c  

Table R.6 Allocation of roles/activities for SD

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