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  • SC.1 Overview
  • SC.2 Incremental Development
  • SC.3 Grand Design (Traditional Procedure)
  • SC.4 Use of Off-the-Shelf Products
  • SC.5 Object-Oriented Development
  • SC.6 Development of Knowledge-Based Systems
  • SC.7 Maintenance and Modification
  • SC.1 Overview

    This manual contains scenarios to be used in the V-Model. In these scenarios the dynamic activity flow is demonstrated as an example.

    The following scenarios are illustrated:

    The incremental development is considered the normal case. The grand design is represented as a special case in incremental development.

    The scenarios were generated on the basis of actual project experience from V-Model projects in the BWB and in industrial corporations. The contents are compatible with international concepts (ISO, WEAG), and the concepts of the corresponding American Standards (MIL-STD-498 etc.).

    SC.2 Incremental Development

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    SC.3 Grand Design (Traditional Procedure)

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    SC.4 Use of Off-the-Shelf Products

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    SC.5 Object-Oriented Development

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    SC.6 Development of Knowledge-Based Systems

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    SC.7 Maintenance and Modification

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