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QA and CM for for Selection, Procurement and Adjustment of Off-the-Shelf Products  

  QS und KM für Auswahl, Beschaffung und Anpassung von Fertigprodukten

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    Activities QA and CM Products Implementing
    QA1.1-Generation QA Plan QA1.1 x QA Plan                         QA1.1 x Basic Requirements          
    QA1.2-Generation Assessmt Plan   QA1.2 x Assessment Plan                                  
    QA2.1-Def. of Assessmt Methods & Criteria     QA2.1 x Assessment Specification                     QA2.1 x Basic Requirements          
    QA2.2-Def. of Assessmt Environmt   QA2.2 x Assessment Plan                                  
    QA2.3-Def. of Test Cases     QA2.3 x Assessment Specification                     QA2.3 x Basic Requirements          
    QA2.4-Generation Assessmt Proc.       QA2.4 x Assessment Procedure                     QA2.4 x Criticality Higher       QA2.4 x Higher Maintenance Requirements
    QA3-Process Assessmt of Activites         QA3 x Assessment Report                            
    QA4.1-Determ. of Assessability         QA4.1 x Assessment Report                 QA4.1 x Basic Requirements          
    QA4.2-Assessmt Content Product         QA4.2 x Assessment Report                 QA4.2 x Basic Requirements          
    QA5-QA Reporting                                      
    CM1.1-Generation the CM Plan           CM1.1 x CM Plan               CM1.1 x Basic Requirements          
    CM1.2-Setting up CM                           CM1.2 x Basic Requirements          
    CM2.1-Product Initializ.                                     CM2.1 x Higher Maintenance Requirements
    CM2.2-Config. Initializ.                       CM2.2 x Config. Identification Document   CM2.2 x Basic Requirements          
    CM2.3-Product Mngmt                           CM2.3 x Basic Requirements          
    CM2.4-Config. Update                       CM2.4 x Config. Identification Document   CM2.4 x Basic Requirements          
    CM2.5-Adm. of Access Rights                                      
    CM3.1-Change Evaluation               CM3.1 x Change Proposal                      
    CM3.2-Decision about Chge Procedures & Initiation of Chge                 CM3.2 x Change Order                    
    CM3.3-Completion of Change                   CM3.3 x Change Memo                  
    CM4.1-Data Administration                                      
    CM4.2-Cataloging SW/HW Products                           CM4.2 x Basic Requirements          
    CM4.3-Interface Coord.                                      
    CM4.4-Data Backup                           CM4.4 x Basic Requirements          
    CM4.5-Update of CM Document.                                      
    CM4.6-Release Mngmt                                      
    CM4.7-Rec. Project History                         CM4.7 x Project History            

    Matrix Entries:

    Always required
    Always required under given circunstances
    Not required
    For the Products:
    User Requirements, System Architecture, Technical Requirements, SW Unit, Segment (if available) and System
    For the Products: SW Component, SW Module/Database
    For the Products: SW Unit, Segment (if available) and System

    Table T.19: QA and CM for for Selection, Procurement and Adjustment of Off-the-Shelf Products

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