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3.2 Service Complex: Object Management  
SOM03 - Export, Import of Data Structures and Data of the SDE  

  LOBV03 - Datenstrukturen und Daten der SEU exportieren, importieren

  • 1 Allocation to V-Model and Methods Allocation
  • 2 Brief Characteristics
  • 3 Requirements
  •       3.1 Requirements for Interfaces
  •       3.2 Requirements for the Methods Support
  •       3.3 Requirements for Functions
  •       3.4 Other Requirements
  • 1 Allocation to V-Model and Methods Allocation

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    2 Brief Characteristics

    This service units combines tool requirements which make it possible to exchange data between (different) SDEs. When exporting data, a section of the objects and relationships in the database is converted into a data description language and output on a suitable medium (tape file, line, etc.). When importing data, the representation is read in as data description language and becomes part of the database, i. e. in the form of objects and relationships.

    To make the data exchange between different SDEs possible, the data structures of the different SDEs must be converted into a compatible schema whereby it must also be checked if the semantics of the data to be exchanged matches.

    Each data communication with SDE-external unit is handled via SOM03. Next, the exporting SDE is referred to as "data source" and the importing one as "data sink".

    3 Requirements

    3.1 Requirements for Interfaces

    SOM03.I.4 Interface to SSEC03 - Access Control All access trials to objects that are subject to the object management are first subjected to the access control.

    3.2 Requirements for the Methods Support


    3.3 Requirements for Functions

    SOM03.F.1 File transfer All exported information are stored as one or several files that can be administered in the file system.
    SOM03.F.2 Segmenting When exporting data it is possible to decide about a segmenting into one or several individual files.
    SOM03.F.3 Data mediums It is possible to store all exported information to external data mediums (tape, cartridge, disk).
    SOM03.F.4 Impartial export The export of information has no impact on the content of the data source.
    SOM03.F.5 Inverse An export from the data source with corresponding import back to the data source does not result in a modification of the content and state of the data source.
    SOM03.F.6 Replace/insert When importing data, it is possible to select between overwriting the information already available in the data sink (replace) and the generation of a new version in the data sink (insert).
    SOM03.F.7 Transaction Export and import are realized as transactions.
    I. e. both procedures can be interrupted and the previous state can be restored without any limitations.

    3.4 Other Requirements


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