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2 Reference Model of an SDE  

  • 2.1 Preliminary Structure of an SDE Reference Model
  • 2.2 Representation of the Reference Model of an SDE
  • 2.3 Service Units of the SDE Reference Model
  • 2.1 Preliminary Structure of an SDE Reference Model

    Within the scope of the Development Standard for IT Systems of the Federal Republic of Germany, the term "SDE" (Software Development Environment) is defined as follows:

    An SDE represents the total of all technical resources utilized for the professional software development.

    Resources making up an actual SDE are-among other things-hardware, system software (like operating systems and office communication systems), and-above all-software development tools (in short "tools"). A tool used in connection with the development of software is defined as follows:

    A tool is a software product supporting the generation or maintenance/modification of software.

    A tool can also support the application of other tools (example: development database).

    An SDE may be considered as a DP system that makes available DP-technical services for the corresponding user1.

    A reference model of an SDE puts all technical DP services that are offered by an SDE into a basic schema. The fundamental units of such a reference model are referred to in the following as service units. The service units of the reference model of an SDE structure the software part of an SDE from the user's point of view and also represent the reference elements for the specification of tool requirements. This can be realized by means of the definition of actual tool requirements to the service units. Therefore, a tool can be considered as software realizing the requirements of one or several service units. Service units having matching content are combined into service complexes.2

    The following Entity Relationship (E/R) model (Figure 2.1) illustrates the interconnection between requirement, service unit, and tool.

    A future-oriented SDE ought to

    Figure 2.1
    Figure 2.1: Interconnection of Requirement, Tool and Service Unit

    The logic-functional structure of the SDE to service units prevents a precipitate concentration of an actual SDE on certain features, like

    The next section shows what a reference model for an SDE must look like when taking into consideration the above mentioned requirements.

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