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3 Functional Tool Requirements  

  • 3 Functional Tool Requirements
  • 3.1 Notes for the Description of the Tool Requirements
  • 3.2 Service Complex "Object Management"
  • 3.3 Service Complex "User Interface"
  • 3.4 Service Complex "Workflow Management"
  • 3.5 Service Complex "Security"
  • 3.6 Service Complex "System Development"
  • 3.7 Service Complex "Quality Assurance"
  • 3.8 Service Complex "Configuration Management"
  • 3.9 Service Complex "Project Management"
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  • 3 Functional Tool Requirements

    The following chapters which are structured according to the preliminary structure of an SDE contain descriptions of the individual service units that make up the SDE reference model, together with the corresponding requirements.

    3.1 Notes for the Description of the Tool Requirements

    Each functional tool requirement has been allocated an alphanumeric name and can thus be uniquely identified. The requirements are in hierarchical order to guarantee applicability and comprehensibility for different users. The hierarchical trees thus generated are not limited with regard to their depth.

    The requirements are identified according to the following schema:


    Which means:

    R = SOM for Object Management
    R = SUI for User Interface
    R = SWFM for Workflow Management
    R = SSEC for Security
    R = SSD for System Development
    R = SQA for Quality Assurance
    R = SCM for Configuration Management
    R = SPM for Project Management

    "n" is the number of the individual service unit

    Which means:
    p = I for Requirements for Interfaces
    p = M for Requirements for the Methods Support
    p = F for Requirements for Functions
    p = O for other Requirements

    "q" refers to a requirement within a service unit and consists of numbers separated by dots; the count of numbers informs about the hierarchy level of the requirement.


    In the case where a requirement is difficult to comprehend it will be explained in a subsequent paragraph. Explanations are represented in italics to be differentiated from the requirements.

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