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CM 2: Product and Configuration Management  

  KM2 - Produkt- und Konfigurationsverwaltung

  • Product Flow
  • Handling
  • Roles
  • Sub-activities
  • Tools Requirements
  • External Norms
  • Product Flow

    From Product to Methods Tool Req. Ext. Norms
    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    CM1 accepted All CM Plan - -     /ISO IEC 12207/

    Devlp. Proc.:
    SW Qualif. Testing,
    Sys. Qualif. Testing,

    CM Proc.:
    Config. Identif.

    (1) All Product - -    
    - - All Configuration Identification Document (CID) CM4 submitted    

    + "Chapter" are extra columns from the original printed version of GD 250


    Figure 6.4

    Figure 6.4: CM2 - Product and Configuration Management

    All products of a configuration are archived in the product library and listed in a catalog by the product and configuration administration so the products can neither deliberately nor accidentally be destroyed.

    All products can be uniquely identified. This way, changes are comprehensible at any time both during the development process and during use, thereby offering a defined starting point for further changes.


    Role Participation
    CM Administrator responsible (CM2.1, CM2.2, CM2.3, CM2.4, CM2.5)
    System Administrator cooperating (CM2.3)


    CM2.1 - Product Initialization
    CM2.2 - Configuration Initialization
    CM2.3 - Product Management
    CM2.4 - Configuration Update
    CM2.5 - Administration of Access Rights

    Tools Requirements

    Being defined

    External Norms

    Norm Process Chapter Obs.
    /ISO IEC 12207/ Development Process Software Qualification Testing (s. Part 3 - ISO 3.2.1)
    System Qualification Testing
    Configuration Management Process Configuration Identification (s. Part 3 - ISO 3.2.2)


    (1) all possible states

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