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CM 2.5: Administration of Access Rights  

  KM2.5 - Zugriffsrechte verwalten

  • Product Flow
  • Handling
  • Roles
  • Tools Requirements
  • External Norms
  • Product Flow

    From Product to Methods Tool Req. Ext. Norms
    Activity State Chapter Title Activity State
    CM1 accepted All CM Plan - -   SSEC03  

    + "Chapter" are extra columns from the original printed version of GD 250

    Further Results:
    Access rights to product library


    The access rights of the project members to products (in the product library) must be granted according to the rules laid down in the CM Plan; after the work has been finished they are to be canceled (if required).


    Role Participation
    CM Administrator responsible

    Tools Requirements

    SSEC03 - Access Control

    External Norms

    Being defined

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