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CM 4: CM Services  

  KM4 - KM-Dienste

  • Product Flow
  • Handling
  • Roles
  • Sub-activities
  • Product Flow

    - Not applicable -
    (There is no connection concerning content or time sequence of the individual CM services.)


    Figure 6.7

    Figure 6.7: CM4 - CM Services

    Among the CM services are all those activities of the CM that have to be realized as project services at intervals, when required, or at instigation.

    This includes the following activities:


    Role Participation
    CM Administrator cooperating (CM4.3, CM4.6)
    CM Administrator responsible (CM4.2, CM4.4, CM4.5)
    CM Representative responsible (CM4.3, CM4.6, CM4.7)
    Data Administrator responsible (CM4.1)
    Project Leader cooperating (CM4.6)
    System Administrator cooperating (CM4.6)


    CM4.1 - Data Administration
    CM4.2 - Cataloging of SW/HW Products
    CM4.3 - Interface Coordination
    CM4.4 - Data Backup
    CM4.5 - Update of CM Documentation
    CM4.6 - Release Management
    CM4.7 - Recording Project History

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