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8.3.4 Assessment Procedure (AsProc)  


  • Introduction
  • Document Index
  • Document Structure
  • Introduction

    The Assessment Procedure is an instruction and contains exact statements for each individual assessment. The individual assessment steps are defined here. Also defined are the expected assessment results as well as the regulations about assessment preparation and postprocessing.

    The Assessment Procedure is generated for "executable" objects to be assessed, i. e. for the System, Segments, HW Units and SW Units, for SW Components, SW Modules and Databases. Physically, the Assessment Procedure can be maintained for these objects to be assessed together with the corresponding Assessment Assessment Specification.

    Document Index

    1. General Information
    2. Identification of Object to be Assessed and Test Case
    3. Instruction
          3.1. Preparation (Description of the Initial Status)
                3.1.1. Prerequisites
                3.1.2. Configuration
          3.2. Execution
                3.2.x. Step (s)
          3.3. Postprocessing
                3.3.1. Backup of Results
                3.3.2. Evaluation of Results

    Document Structure

    1. General Information

    See schema 1. General Information.

    2. Identification of Object to be Assessed and Test Case

    This structural item sets up the relation to the Assessment Specification and to the Assessment Plan. The object to be assessed is identified by means of the CM identifier (with valid version).

    3. Instruction

    3. 1. Preparation (Description of the Initial Status)

    3. 1. 1. Prerequisites

    This describes what the assessment conditions have to be and how the required initial status for the assessment has to be established (preparation of the assessment environment, data media for the recording of the assessment data, free memory, etc.).

    3. 1. 2. Configuration

    This describes how the object to be assessed must be configured (from SW Modules, Databases, SW Components, SW Units/HW Units, Segments, stubs, and dummies), how it must be installed, and how it is related to the assessment environment. What has to be noted is which states or data will have to be generated and also if initializations must be carried out.

    3. 2. Execution

    When describing the actual assessment execution, each individual assessment step (x = 1..n) has to be referred to.

    3. 2. x. Step (s)

    The handling and interactions of every step will be described; particular attention must be given to the condition of the hardware/device, settings at the devices done by the assessor, the order of input data, etc. In the case of automated assessments, the course of the assessment has to be described (e. g. emulator procedure for module test).

    3. 3. Postprocessing

    3. 3. 1. Backup of Results

    This contains instructions with regard to the way the assessment results are recorded; which results must be documented and how they must be documented: on paper, on data media, and the like.

    3. 3. 2. Evaluation of Results

    It has to be specified in which way (manually, tool-assisted, etc.) and supported by which principles and conditions the evaluation of results is to be realized. The expected assessment results (planning data) are contained in the Assessment Specification.

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