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  • Introduction
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  • Introduction

    This product contains all information about the data used in SW Units (individual data and complex structures). It can be generated manually-but it is better with the help of a tool. The information is collected and administered in activity CM4.1 - Data Administration.

    The input information for the Data Dictionary is delivered by the SW Architecture and SW Design. The Data Dictionary must contain the identifiers, the characteristics and attributes of the data structures and its elements (data description). Also important is information dependent on the implementation (data realization).

    Such a product exists for each project.

    Document Index

    1. General Information
    2. Data Description
    3. Data Realization

    Document Structure

    1. General Information

    See schema 1. General Information.

    2. Data Description

    The tabular description contains the following information:

    3. Data Realization

    The following information has to be given:

    Links to the V-Model Mailinglist

    Mail 0429-Produkt Datenkatalog (429)
    Mail 0282-Sicherheitsziel und Sicht auf die Daten (282)

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