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8.2.9 b) Implementation Documents: Database (ImplD)  

  Implementierungsdokumente - Datenbank

  • Introduction
  • Document Index
  • Document Structure
  • Introduction

    The Implementation Documents for Databases contain references to the code of the Database, as well as command procedures for the code generation, installation, etc., and also listings and protocols of compile, link and load runs.

    Such a product exists for each Database (of each Segment in the System).

    It is possible to combine several Implementation Documents into one document, for example for a SW Unit.

    Document Index

    1. General Information
    2. Code
          2.1. Source Code
          2.2. Reference to the Object Code
          2.3. Reference to the Executable Code
    3. Procedures
          3.1. Compile Procedure
          3.2. Link Procedure
          3.3. Load Procedure
          3.4. Installation Procedure
    4. Listings/Protocols
          4.1. Compile Protocol
          4.2. Link Protocol
          4.3. Load Protocol
          4.4. Cross-Reference Listings
          4.5. Other Generation Listings

    Document Structure

    1. General Information

    See schema 1. General Information.

    2. Code

    There are references to the location of files (data media) and how they have been named (more information in product CM Plan, section Conventions with Regard to the Identification).

    2. 1. Source Code

    The source code itself is derived from the product SW Design (Module), SW Design (Database). The text consists of the program header and the statements section.

    The program header contains the following information:

    The statements section consists of statements with comments.

    2. 2. Reference to the Object Code

    This contains references to files and data media.

    2. 3. Reference to the Executable Code

    This contains references to files and data media.

    3. Procedures

    These should contain-apart from the statements section-a suitable procedure header with the following information:

          3. 1. Compile Procedure

          3. 2. Link Procedure

          3. 3. Load Procedure

          3. 4. Installation Procedure

    4. Listings/Protocols

    This contains references to files and data media, if required.

          4. 1. Compile Protocol

          4. 2. Link Protocol

          4. 3. Load Protocol

          4. 4. Cross-Reference Listings

          4. 5. Other Generation Listings

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