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8.2.6 Integration Plan (IntPl)  


  • Introduction
  • Document Index
  • Document Structure
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  • Introduction

    The Integration Plan contains regulations governing the technical aspects for the assembly of the System, the Segment, or the SW Unit or HW Unit.

    The plan identifies the integration products simultaneously as assessed objects; in this respect, it must be kept consistent with the Assessment Plan. The technical prerequisites and limitations must be explained, just like the organization of the integration. The individual integration measures are described in detail.

    The Integration Plan handles the levels System, Segment and SW Unit or HW Unit, respectively. The possible decomposition selected for the Integration Plan finally depends on the project standards, the size, and the complexity of the individual integration levels.

    Document Index

    1. General Information
    2. Integration Products and Strategies
    3. Marginal Integration Conditions
          3.1. Integration/Assessment Environment
          3.2. Priorities
          3.3. Risks
          3.4. Other Marginal Conditions
    4. Organization of the Integration
          4.1. Integration Network Plan
          4.2. Staff
          4.3. Responsibilities
    5. Integration Measures
          5.1. Required Products
          5.2. Integration Instructions
          5.3. Special Measures

    Document Structure

    1. General Information

    See schema 1. General Information.

    2. Integration Products and Strategies

    Based on the hierarchical allocation (Segments; SW Units/HW Units; SW Components, SW Modules and Databases) and on the logical connection (found in the architecture documents), the assembly of the integration products is defined per integration step. Apart from the products, also the integration strategy is defined for each integration step.

    3. Marginal Integration Conditions

    3. 1. Integration/Assessment Environment

    This chapter lists the environment required for the integration. The SW Components are parts of the development and target computer and of the assessment environment; therefore, the corresponding passages from the Technical Requirements and the Assessment Plans can be stated or referenced at this point.

    3. 2. Priorities

    The order of the integration depends on technical aspects (logical connection of integration products). A priority is allocated to each integration step.

    3. 3. Risks

    If a special integration step happens to be risky the possibly existing problems and counter-measures have to be documented (e. g. danger for hardware during interaction with faulty software while no protection measures have been taken).

    3. 4. Other Marginal Conditions

    If required this contains a description of other requirements and limitations (e. g. availability of integration equipment).

    4. Organization of the Integration

    The realization of the integration must be planned on the basis of previously listed integration steps and marginal conditions.

    4. 1. Integration Network Plan

    The integration steps are put into chronological order, according to strategies, risks, and other marginal conditions.

    4. 2. Staff

    The organizational units participating in the integration (SD, QA, CM, PM) are listed.

    4. 3. Responsibilities

    The organizational units/instances are allocated responsibilities within the scope of the integration (supervision of the time schedule, realization of certain integration steps, quality assurance measures, etc.).

    5. Integration Measures

    5. 1. Required Products

    The products required for the realization of the integration measures are listed.

    5. 2. Integration Instructions

    The technical instructions have to be generated on the basis of the integration strategies and marginal conditions. This includes procedures for the assembly of products as well as instructions for the integration equipment.

    5. 3. Special Measures

    Special measures (e. g. based on the assembly of devices, switch on/off procedures) will be explained.

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