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8.2.5 Interface Description (IfDe)  


  • Introduction
  • Document Index
  • Document Structure
  • Introduction

    This product contains a description of each interface identified in the Interface Overview. Identification, syntax and semantics must be documented for each interface. The exact content to be described depends on the type of interface and on the elements connected.

    Apart from the interfaces on SW Component, SW Module and Database level, the product describes all system interfaces, whereby it is basically possible to structure the product into several individual products, according to certain criteria.

    Document Index

    1. General Information
    2. Description of the Interfaces
          2.I. Interface (i)
                2.I.1. Use of the Interface
                2.I.2. Syntax of the Interface
                2.I.3. Semantics of the Interface
                2.I.4. Particularities

    Document Structure

    1. General Information

    See schema 1. General Information.

    2. Description of the Interfaces

    The individual subitems must refer to the special characteristics of the various interfaces between the participating elements, i. e. System, user, Segment, SW Unit, HW Unit, SW Component, SW Module, or Database.

    2. I. Interface (i)

    Note: "i" is used for consecutive numbers of the Interface Description from 2.1 to 2.n and as place holder for the interface identification according to the conventions for identification defined in the CM Plan.

    2. I. 1. Use of the Interface

    The elements participating in the interface (functional units, user, external elements) and the purpose of the interface have to be documented.

    2. I. 2. Syntax of the Interface

    The technical structure of the interface must be described exactly. Depending on the type of the interface, the following information is required:

    2. I. 3. Semantics of the Interface

    The information and operations exchanged via the interface have to be described, also how the interface is placed, and how it is represented from the point of view of the System.

    2. I. 4. Particularities

    Depending on the type of the interface, special characteristics like performance data or time requirements have to be described as well as information about the use and operation, etc.

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