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Header Information for the Operator Manual (OperMa)  

  Informationen zum Betriebshandbuch

  • Introduction
  • Document Index
  • Document Structure
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  • Introduction

    Die Informationen zum Betriebshandbuch beschreiben für eine Funktionseinheit die erforderlichen Maßnahmen zur Aufnahme des Betriebs, zur Durchführung und Überwachung des Betriebs und zur Unterbrechung und Beendigung des Betriebs. Ferner sind der Aufbau der Funktionseinheit und Sicherheitsbestimmungen zu beschreiben.

    Document Index

    1. General Information
    2. Structure of the Functional Unit
          2.1. Technical Structure
          2.2. Allocation of Functions
    3. Measures to Start Operation
          3.1. Prerequisites
          3.2. Initialization
          3.3. Resuming Operation
    4. Measures to Execute and Supervise Operations
          4.1. Interference Characteristics
          4.2. Preventing Errors
          4.3. Correcting Errors
    5. Measures to Interrupt or Terminate Operation
          5.1. Prerequisites
          5.2. Interrupting Operation
          5.3. Terminating Operation
          5.4. Postprocessing
    6. Security Regulations

    Document Structure

    1. General Information

    See schema 1. General Information.

    2. Structure of the Functional Unit

    2. 1. Technical Structure

    The technical structure of the functional unit (System, Segment, HW Unit or SW Unit) has to be described; this comprises the architecture and also the technical data.

    2. 2. Allocation of Functions

    The allocation of functions within the functional unit has to be clarified. Of particular interest is the description about which functions are realized by hardware and which by software.

    3. Measures to Start Operation

    3. 1. Prerequisites

    This chapter describes the prerequisites for starting or resuming operation.

    3. 2. Initialization

    The measures to start regular operation must be stated; this comprises the preparation of the System, switching on the devices, loading the software, supplying with initial information, etc.

    3. 3. Resuming Operation

    The measures for resuming operation (after a system crash, failure, etc.) must be described.

    4. Measures to Execute and Supervise Operations

    4. 1. Interference Characteristics

    All characteristics describing an error situation or which point to a failure in the System have to be stated. More detailed information with regard to error detection and error handling can be found in the user and diagnosis manual; it might be necessary to refer to this.

    4. 2. Preventing Errors

    The measures which help to avoid errors must be stated here. The environmental conditions, constellations, actions, etc. which ought to be avoided must also be stated.

    4. 3. Correcting Errors

    The measures which help to locate and correct errors must be stated. More detailed information can be found in the diagnosis manual.

    5. Measures to Interrupt or Terminate Operation

    5. 1. Prerequisites

    This section describes the measures both for the irregular interruption of the operation and the measures for a regular termination of the operation.

    5. 2. Interrupting Operation

    The measures to interrupt operation based on unusual circumstances must be stated. The measures described here are to guarantee that the operation can be resumed without major difficulties.

    5. 3. Terminating Operation

    The measures to terminate operation must be stated and described in chronological order.

    5. 4. Postprocessing

    In the case where any postprocessing should be required after terminating the operation, this must be stated here. This might, for example, refer to the handling of data media.

    6. Security Regulations

    This chapter describes the regulations and measures needed to guarantee the required security. They comprise the areas of infrastructure, organization and staff, IT technology, communication technology, protection against radiation, prevention of disasters, and insurances. Regular checks to find out if mechanisms are maintained might also have to be planned.

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