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  SW-Entwurf: Datenbank

  • Introduction
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  • Introduction

    After determining the architecture of the SW Unit, this product describes the detailed design of a Database.

    Results of an analysis about resource and time requirements analysis will also be documented.

    It will be completely described down to the level of a schema definition.

    Such a product exists for each Database (of each SW Unit of each Segment in the System).

    It is possible to combine several SW Designs into one product "SW Design".

    Document Index

    2. Database Description
          2.1. DBMS Name
          2.2. Schema Definition
    3. Characteristic Quantities

    Document Structure

    1. General Information

    See schema 1. General Information.

    2. Database Description

    In the case of a detailed design for a Database, this chapter must be used instead of SW Component/SW Module description.

    2. 1. DBMS Name

    The database management system used will be mentioned here.

    2. 2. Schema Definition

    The detailed design has to be done down to the data elements level. This means The realization of the data (data type and format, location) has to be included in the product Data-Dictionary.

    3. Characteristic Quantities

    This chapter deals with, among other things:

    Links to the V-Model Mailinglist

    Mail 0285 - Re: Sicherheitsziel und Sicht auf die Daten (285)

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