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RE - Reverse Engineering General Index  

Activity Sub-Activity Documents
RE 1: Investigating User Demand RE 1.1: Recording of Actual Status  
RE 1.2: Recording of Current Analysis  
RE 1.3: Definition of Possible Solutions  
RE 1.4: Investigation of Technical Feasibility  
RE 1.5: Investigation of Economic Efficiency User Demand
RE 2: Realization of Software-Related Improvements RE 2.1: Measuring Existing Source Code  
RE 2.2: Remodularization/Restructuring  
RE 2.3: Reformatting Implementation Document: Components
Implementation Document: Database
Implementation Document: SW Module
Implementation Document: Units
RE 2.4: Measuring Improved Source Code  
RE 2.5: Definition of Reusable SW Items Case Report "Measuring the Source Code"
RE 3: Restoring the Technical Aspects RE 3.1: Restoring the System Architecture  
RE 3.2: Restoring Internal and External System Interfaces System Architecture
RE 3.3: Restoring the Process Design  
RE 3.4: Description of SW Architecture SW Architecture
RE 3.5: Description of Internal SW Interfaces Interface Overview
Interface Description
RE 3.6: Description of SW Design SW Design: Module
SW Design: Database
RE 3.7: Generation of Data Dictionary Data-Dictionary
RE 3.8: Description of Technical Requirements Technical Requirements
RE 3.9: Specification of SW Integration  
RE 3.10: Specification of the System Integration Integration Plan
RE 4: Restoring the User-Level Aspects RE 4.1: Restoring the User Requirements User Requirements
RE 4.2: Completion of Data Dictionary Data-Dictionary
RE 5: Mapping the User-Level View to the Technical View RE 5.1: Allocation of User-Level Functional Units to Technical Functional Units System Architecture
SW Architecture
RE 5.2: Recommenting SW Design: Module
SW Design: Database
Implementation Document: Database
Implementation Document: SW Module
SW Module or

RE 6: SW Integration RE 6.1: Integration into SW Unit  
RE 6.2: Self-Assessment of SW Unit Implementation Document: SW Units
SW Unit
RE 7: System Integration RE 7.1: Integration into System  
RE 7.2: Self-Assessment of the System  
RE 7.3: Product Supply Operational Information
User Manual
Diagnosis Manual
Operator Manual
Other Application Information
RE 8: Reintroduction of the System RE 8.1: Contribution to Support for Reintroduction  
RE 8.2: Generation of SWMM Concept SWMM Concept
RE 8.3: System Installation  
RE 8.4: Renewed Putting into Operation System
RE 9: Finding Reusable SW Items Case Report "Reusable Software Items"

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