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Sub-Activities Products:
No Title Documents SW/Modules
SD1 - System Requirements Analysis
SD1.1 Recording of Actual Status and Analysis    
SD1.2 Description of Application System    
SD1.3 Definition of Criticality and Quality Requirements    
SD1.4 Definition of Marginal Conditions    
SD1.5 User-Level System Structure    
SD1.6 Threat and Risk Analysis User Requirements  
SD1.7 Realization of Requirements Controlling Protocol  
SD1.8 Generation of Software Maintenance and Modification Concept SWMM Concept  
SD2 - System Design
SD2.1 Technical System Design    
SD2.2 Realization of Efficiency Analysis    
SD2.3 Investigation of Feasibility    
SD2.4 Allocation of User Requirements System Architecture  
SD2.5 Interface Description    
SD2.6 Specification of System Integration    
SD3 - SW/HW Requirements Analysis
SD3.1 Definition of General Requirements from SW/HW Unit Point of View    
SD3.2 Specification of Requirements for External Interfaces of SW/HW Unit    
SD3.3 Definition of Requirements for the Functionality    
SD3.4 Definition of Requirements for the Quality of the SW/HS Unit    
SD3.5 Definition of Requirements for the Development and SWMM Environment Technical Requirements  
SD4-SW - Preliminary SW Design
SD4.1-SW SW Architecture Design Software Architecture
Interface Overview
SD4.2-SW Design of Internal and External SW Interfaces Interface Description  
SD4.3-SW Specification of SW Integration Integration Plan  
SD 4-HW - HW Preliminary Design
SD4.1-HW Generation and Evaluation of Solution Proposals    
SD4.2-HW Generation of the Preliminary Design of a HW Unit    
SD4.3-HW Specification of Internal HW Interfaces    
SD4.4-HW Specification of HW Integration    
SD5-SW - Detailed SW Design
SD5.1-SW Description of SW Component/Module/Database Data Dictionary  
SD5.2-SW Analysis of Resources and Time requirements SW Design (Module)
SW Design (Database)
SD 5-HW - Detailed HW Design
SD5.1-HW Generation of Detailed Designs for HW Components/HW Modules Engineering Drawing Set
Analysis Report
HW Architecture
SD5_2-HW Generation of Engineering Drawing
SD5_3-HW Generation of Analyses and Proofs
SD6 - SW Implementation
SD6.1 Coding of SW Modules    
SD6.2 Realization of Database    
SD6.3 Self-Assesment of the SW Module/Database Impl. Doc.: Module,
Impl. Doc.: Database
SW Module,
SD 6-HW - HW Realization
SD6.1-HW SD 6.1-HW: Making of HW Components/HW Modules Realization Documents
(HW Component,
HW Module)
SD6.2-HW SD 6.2-HW: Self-Assessment
SD7 - SW Integration
SD7.1 Integration into SW Component    
SD7.2 Self-Assessment of SW Component Impl. Doc.: Component Component
SD7.3 Integration into SW Unit    
SD7.4 Self-Assessment of SW Unit Impl. Doc.: SW Unit SW Unit
SD 7-HW - HW Integration
SD7.1-HW Integration into HW Substructure   HW Unit
SD7.2-HW Self-Assessment of HW Substructure
SD7.3-HW Integration into HW Unit
SD7.4-HW Self-Assessment of SW Unit
SD8 - System Integration
SD8.1 Integration into System    
SD8.2 Self-Assessment of the System   System
SD8.3 Product Supply User Manual
Diagnosis Manual
Operator Manual
Other Application Information
System (installable)
SD9 - Transition to Utilization
SD9.1 Contribution to Support for Introduction    
SD9.2 System Installation   System (installed)
SD9.3 Putting into Operation   System (in operation)

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